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Ultimate Perfect Diet is a weight loss sports nutrition product designed specifically for women. Perfect Diet for Woman helps to reduce appetite, provides quick energy, safely increases body temperature, due to which more calories are burned and fat deposits are reduced. The body uses subcutaneous fat as an additional source of energy and does not tend to store it in reserve. The product contains extracts of bitter orange, guarana, green tea, white willow bark, kayen pepper and yerba mate.

Bitter orange has thermogenic properties and helps to suppress excessive appetite. Bitter Orange contains a rare combination of five amino acids that are essential for switching your metabolism into fat-burning mode.

Guarana is an excellent energy booster. It improves mental alertness, fights fatigue and reduces appetite. Guarana contains natural caffeine and other phenol-containing antioxidants. They spur the body’s ability to burn calories and destroy unwanted fat cells.

Green tea contains many compounds including flavonoids and catechins. They help boost metabolism, reduce appetite and weight, reduces feelings of fatigue and provides extra energy. White willow bark is a source of salicin. It helps to increase energy expenditure and unwind fat metabolism.


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